Bom Hub is meant to be a community resource for modular DIY enthusiasts. As such it relies on contributions from those that use it in terms of knowledge.

How you can help

Adding designers

Adding a designer should be as simple as making a new folder for the designer and adding an with the following content:

layout: designer
designer: Name of the designer

Any content (markdown or html) underneath that header (after teh second ---) will be rendered on the designers page, along with all the modules that are listed as being theirs.

Adding modules

Each module should be its own markdown file, in the folder of its designer. Modules have more complex metadata (the header between the ---), some of which is required, other optional.

layout: module [REQUIRED]
modname: klik [REQUIRED]
tags: sequencer,trigger
size: 4hp,eurorack
designer: Antumbra [REQUIRED]
 - v1.3: 
   - bom:
   - buildguide:
 - v1.5:
   - bom:
   - buildguide:
 - modulargrid:

Adding build tips & advice

Below the modules header/metadata is where tips and build advice lives. This is free form markdown/html, so go nuts.

Hey, I don’t want my stuff on here!

We’ll happily take down (or preferably correct) any information on modules or designers. Easiest is to open a pull request removing the content, or if you don’t know how file an issue